There's No Such Thing As An Overnight Success

When it comes to Montee Holland, President and CEO of the Tayion Collection, he is the perfect example of there being no such thing as an overnight success. Since our conception in 2004, the Tayion Collection has brought style, class and an exclusive sense of confidence to the men's apparel industry. Always a top runner in all that he sets out to do, Holland has aggressively stepped out on hard work and faith to bring to you the sartorial elegance that continuously hits the market season after season. With building strong relationships with fabric mills and manufacturers around the world, participating in the highly-coveted Workshop at Macy's program, and securing a $10,000,000 Purchase Order Financing Approval from MBE Capital Partners, the Tayion Collection is excited for the future success that lies ahead. The link below is our most recent Press Release written by Keith Underwood from Underwood Multimedia Associates (UMA) Worldwide, LLC.

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