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Detroit Native Montee Holland’s Tayion Collection Wins ‘Best in Show’

Montee Holland, and many other incredibly stylish black men like him, got his first lessons in swag from his mother. At the time, growing up in Detroit, Holland didn’t know that watching his mother dress to the nines for every situation would be the building blocks for a knockout fashion career.

“I didn’t have an art background or interest in drawing (but) I did have a single mother who knew how to put all kinds of stuff together,” Holland says. “I learned how garments hung and how things coordinated, but mostly I just knew I liked looking at nice clothes.”

Holland’s craft is fine menswear. He’s the president and CEO of the Tayion Collection, a brand of high-end, luxury fashion suits and accompanying accessories like shirts, shoes and ties. His business also offers separates like blazers, jackets and other outerwear.